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You're a Human


You’re a Human.

And as a human, you have an ingrained program, deep on a cellular level, one that you have inherited, either from your lineage or from society, you have been plugged into this for a long time. These programs perhaps served you well at one stage in your life, however as you grow and expand they perhaps can stunt or slow down such inner growth.

Ask yourself:

Does it serve me now?
Does it encourage you to live to your highest potential in this moment?
Does it free you to be and express who you authentically feel you are?
Is it heavy?

Similar to a computer, we often have to upgrade systems to ensure that we are able to function efficiently. Some programs slow the computer down, or take up too much memory and space.

Are you not similar to that?
Ask yourself, what would Love say?

For there are only two distinct forces in this modern world, that of FEAR or that of LOVE.

Do you hear, speak, feel through LOVE or FEAR?

These questions are profound and deep, so for many humans, it is difficult to articulate in words. Perhaps words are not needed to express such deep issues; perhaps feelings seem more appropriate and more suitable.

Awareness of these programs allows us an opportunity to actively, consciously delete or dismantle these so called blocks. With free will you get to decide, to expand your consciousness and embrace a life of abundance on many levels.

But hey, if what you’re doing currently in your life works for you, then stay with that.

It’s your birthright to live to your fullest potential, and it’s very possible to achieve that, you are so worthy of that. You walk around living in a constant loop where the same story that you hooked yourself into, not only slows down your overall progress but becomes seeped into your identity.

Living in the the mind constantly as we think our way through our daily lives keeps that hook securely attached to these stories.

What if you were not these stories?
What if you could identify yourself with something much greater, much more powerful and uplifting?

Come back to your heart, come back home, this is your true GPS.

Reconnecting to this powerful source that holds our soul, our true essence provides us with a new lens to view our world and of those around us.

Our inner state negates our outer states.

You come from Love.
You are Love.
And you shall return to Love.