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02022020 - Invitation to an Activation


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An invitation to an activation

This number l sense is a code in a particular sequence that will activate and awaken an energy within you. The above date is an invitation to a gathering, a ceremony, a ritual. The second of february 2020.

More information will slowly come into play, more will be revealed, but for now l invite you to this idea, this future concept.  

It may not occur in Bali or Australia, the location is not relevant.  What is more important is to project you into the future briefly, reminding you that you are a co-creator.   It is a seed that is being sown at this moment with this invitation.

Regardless what is happening to you at this very moment in life, you are being given an opportunity to foresee what path you will take to get to this date.  There is free will in your every breath, the canvas of tomorrow is always blank, choose consciously on what you create.

Spirit’s clear message … . Bring them back, back to the heart, it’s time to come home.

Annick Lebrasse