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Information OVERLOAD - practicing moving from your mind to your heart


Information OVERLOAD

the practice of moving awareness from the mind to the heart…

We are constantly inundated with so much information that appear in many forms.

 Memes, articles, u tube clips, new health modalities, all these suggestions to help improve your well being.

 After all your inner state negates your outer state.

All these words, concept,theories all involve the mind to think.. to process… to continue the mind chatter.

At times this information is very much an overload for the mind.

Lets just take a brief moment to STOP

… breathe deeply slowly for  5 minutes

… ground - feel your feel firmly connected to the floor

… bring your awareness into your HEART

… just feel the heart, don’t label it, don’t think it

… in this brief moment you are totally present.

Try it a few times daily… its quick & direct. Its re programming you to use this Heart space as your true GPS.

As a muscle needs to be exercised often, your awareness back to your heart allows for you to reconnect, realign with this powerful source.

Annick Lebrasse