Bali Oracle | Intuitive Tarot Readings and Energy Healings with Annick



What is an Oracle?


"Allow your heart to play centre stage in your life, and witness every waking breath align to your highest self.”

— Bali Oracle

During ancient times, an oracle was a priest or priestess with whom you would seek advice or prophecy.   It was said their information was a direct message from the gods and deities. They would provide wise and insightful counsel with prophetic predictions.   An oracle remembers his or her true self through the frequency of the heart. When tuned into this universal heart frequency there is a remembrance of our true origins, that of Love.   

As an oracle, I have been gifted with the ability to read beyond the physical form of people, assisting them to reconnect, realign with the wisdom and higher intelligence of the heart.  The magnetic field of the heart, is 1000 times stronger than the brain, this is your authentic compass that can direct you towards your souls path.

Belief systems and programs currently ingrained on a cellular level, limits your potential on living a fuller life.   A soul reading healing allows the voice of the authentic heart to open and be heard, without interruption from the mind.   This is your new imprint, awakening the deeper state of your being allowing for inner awareness and clarity to surface.

Reconnecting to this expansive heart space you are reunited with your true compass, accessing the knowledge and information to help you navigate through your life.  These insights will cause a ripple effect from this moment on, taking you out from the illusion to a new reality that resonates deeper within you. This new imprint allows your inner state to be at peace reverberating into your outer state, the lenses of how you perceive your life, is now changed forever, with knowledge of what serves you, not what limits you.

It is time for your heart to play centre stage in your life, she is calling you home.  


About Annick, Bali Oracle

Born on the island of Mauritius, a small island  on the east African coast, Annick is a mélange of different cultures,  known as Creole. She immigrated to Australia at 5 years old and pursued a career in the fashion industry for 27 years after finishing a Degree in Arts, specializing in Fashion.  

Disillusioned with this path, she felt a calling to the island of Bali back in 1996, after a deep involvement with a meditation group in Melbourne.  Her technical ability in clothing enabled her to work for a local children’s wear label in Bali.  Immersed in the local culture and traditions she made several trips over the following 6 years working between Melbourne and Bali with clothing. 

Sixteen years further down the path, she has owned a clothing retail store and a conscious café serving soul food for tourist and local expatriates.  Her café became a hub for a conscious community as she spearheaded a women’s spiritual circle that often met to converse and learn about different healing modalities. Deciding to further connect to the land, her ancestors and the universe, she began giving tarot readings for friends and customers. 

After the closing of the café, more time was available to pursue deeper knowledge of the spiritual realm. She is now healing, reading, and facilitating workshops, with greater emphasis on reconnecting to the heart and living a heart-based life.